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Sustained Superior Performance

Leader & Manager Development:  From Supervisor to Coach

Individual Employee Effectiveness & Engagement 

Beginning with talents, cultivating habits & establishing leadership practices 

Strengths-Based Teams, Strengths-Based Cultures

Focusing on strengths make all the difference

Leadership Development

Are you up for the challenge to become a Leadership Triathlete? 


What Works Best for Sustained, Superior Performance? 

Consulting and One on One Coaching

Your coach will assist you, or your managers,  in:

Who is our #1 Coach, Dr. Rachel Monteverdi?  To begin, her strengths are:  Achiever, Maximizer, Strategic, Learner, Input, Positivity, Connectedness, Includer. 

Rachel’s greatest passion is empowering people and providing solutions to help individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their highest potential. 

For 20 years, whether in the corporate world, higher education, government or industry, Rachel has partnered with many in a wide variety of settings to maximize positive impacts. 

As a coach & consultant, her aim is to help you build upon the raw and developed talent that currently shows up to work each day.  Your metrics matter. Your people matter. You matter. 

The research shows strengths-based development drives exceptional performance – you can lead your team to better performance when you better understand strengths.

What Works Best for Increasing Employee Effectiveness & Engagement? 

The first objective is to meet with you and your team to assess knowledge and performance gaps. 

What has worked in the past? Where do you need or want to be? What needs to happen in order to reach an optimal, engaged and productive future? We work candidly and collaboratively with you to discover issues in order to see both short- and long-term success. 

In our never-ending pursuit of finding the optimal combination in talent development, we learned CliftonStrengths, the power of habits, and effective leadership practices provides a unique combination that truly catapults human potential.

To combine your needs with our proven practices, we will simultaneously design sessions in order to ensure we hit the mark (e.g. metrics) through interactive, blended learning sessions.  

Our facilitation and instructional design teams are based primarily in the US. 

Each of us are current or former training and development professionals and coaches working within corporations, state or local government, or higher education, e.g. Duke University. 

We specialize in discovering strengths. Our expertise is also in cultivating effective habits while establishing leadership practices to close gaps and drive high levels of engagement. 

Teamwork is critical: https://www.fivebehaviors.com/nextlevelnextstep

Please view our 'Under the Hood' to see specific details.

Where Do We Start?  Let's Begin by Getting to Know Strengths

Gallup's CliftonStrengths - Increasing Productivity & Profitability

Instead of focusing on what's wrong with people, what would happen if we focused on what's right?  This is the question Dr. Don Clifton asked himself in college more than 40 years ago. What was the result of his work? ​CliftonStrengths - Gallup's transformational tool that helps people discover strengths, strengths-based cultures and how to aim their natural talents to near perfect performance.

Gallup research shows that thriving teams who intentionally use their CliftonStrengths:

Achieve more on a daily basis

Are 6x more engaged in their jobs

Are 6x as likely to do what they do best every day

Have more positive than negative interactions with coworkers

Are substantially more productive in their roles

Treat customers better

Have more positive, creative and innovative moments

Are able to manage potential weaknesses

Are 3x happier and healthier overall

The bottom line: Business performance of thriving teams net a 30% higher profitability, a 40% higher product/service quality, 41% less employee turnover, and are 3X less likely to feel stressed. Gallup research has found that leaders and teams that intentionally develop talents unleash a growth mindset thereby boosting performance, improving resilience and collaboration. Regular or habitual ALIGNMENT conversations build strong teams, leverage diversity of thought, and develop trust and appreciation for one another. Our sessions are designed to take your team to the next level by working on strengths every day for at least 90 days until it becomes more of a habit. Coaching is included.   ; )

Once we have developed our strengths and engaged our team, will we be up for the next challenge?  The Leadership Challenge

More than 35 years ago, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner began rigorously researching the subject of leadership. They found when people are at their personal best as leaders there are five key behaviors that stand out. Since then, The Leadership Challenge® has been known as the original research-based leadership development framework. With millions of respondents from across the globe, there is considerable empirical support for The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® and The Leadership Challenge®.

 It is both simple and complex, revealing layers of depth for dedicated practitioners of leadership. The Leadership Challenge® continues to be extensively practiced and highly regarded across the world.  This workshop experience is approximately 20 hours in length and includes coaching and work in between sessions.

Let's talk about your needs and discover possibilities for taking things to the next level: rachel@nextlevelnextstep.com  or schedule a 30-minute chat via our Calendly tool