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What is our first step? Let's meet and discuss your needs and goals for coaching. 

How about we take a moment to become familiar with one another to discuss your ambitions and our approach?

Our objective within this first meeting is to determine if this partnership is good fit for both coach and client. If it is not, we will be more than happy to connect you to other outstanding certified coaches.

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Our aim as coaches is to listen intently and with curiosity and reflection. Our desire is to ask thoughtful questions while being open and candid. We will challenge you to stretch and take it to the next level while also being positive, patient and respectful of each big and little step. We celebrate those steps and recognize change can be challenging.  

We offer a supportive and encouraging environment while walking with intention - never violating trust – instead believing in integrity and mutually respectful relationships.

Our ideal client?    A leader or manager who is seeking a coach, a confidant and an accountability partner. S/he also values the above and wants to take it to the next level, one step at a time.  

Our second step is to invest the time to confidentially clarify your road map – your plan on what you need to accomplish and how you will get there. 

Remember, strengths-based coaching unlocks your potential by leveraging your natural talent and focusing on putting your strengths into action. Our aim is to help you strategically achieve excellence.  We want to see you succeed!

As such, let’s create personal measures for accountability. 

Beginning with the end in mind, what do you want to accomplish, by when?  

Time is less of a factor for us, but our job is to ask authentic questions such as: How can you aim your natural talents to help you reach your goals - where you really want to be over time?  

Even if we begin by taking tiny steps, what milestones should be in place in the event we need a future course correction? 

Think of us like  Superbowl coaches on a winning team. How can we start right where we are and celebrate each milestone (e.g. next level workouts - touchdowns) along the way?

Third step?  Regular meetings - whether in person, via video, or by phone - are where discoveries and changes occur. 

Questions to explore are:  How does your greatest asset – your natural talents – show up in the world of work and life?  What about your team’s natural talents? 

What personal patterns of past success can we explore in order to focus on future success? 

In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, let’s navigate strengths together in order to take something good to outstanding. 

Keep in mind, instead of ‘fixing’ or ignoring weaknesses, we are going to ask what alternatives could be considered in order to reach that next level - one step at a time? 

As you know, learning and experimenting with new approaches should happen between meetings, too. 

All steps, even tiny steps, count as success! 

Next step?  When coaching comes to an end, our focus should be on how you and your team use the momentum built thus far to continue to move towards that next level.   

You've got this!

We wish you the very best   : )

A note from Dr. Rachel Monteverdi ->

My expertise?  Strengths, habits and leadership. 

I believe in human potential.  My coaching is focused on helping all human beings reach their fullest potential in all areas of their lives. 

To my core, I believe every human being has been gifted talents. How do we recognize raw talents and work to develop them, intentionally?  That is the question. 

From there, I believe in the power of habits. They either work for you or they don’t. How are your habits helping or hindering you? 

Finally, I believe each one of us has the opportunity to be a leader –within our family, within our community, in both work and in life. Which leadership practices do you employ - or want to employ - most?

My habits & natural talents?   To strategically find the most principle-centered pathways  to excellence in order for you to create a better future for yourself and those that you lead.  How can I help you?