Does your workforce need sustained, long-lasting change?

The problem: My employees are under-utilized. I know they can do more. I know they can do better. They do what they are supposed to do but there just doesn't appear to be motivation to reach higher levels of achievement.

The problem: I am not doing what I do best every day.  I'm undervalued. I could do so much more, but why? It seems my boss has me doing everything except for what I do best.

The problem: My team was inspired after our last professional development session but everything has been forgotten. Nothing seems to stick. Is there anything out there that actually works?

The problem: I inherited a team and really don’t know what their strengths are. I’m not convinced people are in the right roles.

The solution: We specialize in helping you discover and optimize strengths, change habits and establish leadership practices to close gaps and drive high levels of engagement. Why?  Because we believe in sustained superior performance.  In fact, our mission is to empower others and provide solutions utilizing proven methods and best practices in knowledge building.


How do we get the job done? Consulting and coaching leaders and managers, providing online and in-person sessions, and serving as a resource for future change.

Why should you contact us?  Next Level -> Next Step™ is a recognized leader in providing outside-the-box and customized educational solutions. Our solutions are results-focused and are primarily research-based, substantiated empirically by millions over decades.

 We are certified facilitators in 24+ areas and leverage the primary teachings and proven practices from Gallup® CliftonStrengths®, FranklinCovey® Seven Habits of Highly Effective People® & The Leadership Challenge® plus Lencioni's Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, DiSC®, and others™. 

You don’t need to wait to take an early step in creating an optimal culture, developing your team, or solving problems. That first step begins as we engage in candid conversation to capture best thoughts and take things to the next level. Whether assessing what needs to be occurring or designing measurement strategies, the goal is to work together to create impactful and long-lasting solutions.

What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try Again.  Change the World. 

– Simon Sinek

How do you change the world?   One step at a time.   Start with talents; end with strengths.  Develop effective habits; establish leadership practices. Achieve extraordinary results. Take it to the next level. 

- Rachel Monteverdi